Shapeways Siggraph 2010 competition

From today until the end of the month we will be holding a super quick SIGGRAPH competition. Just add the tag SIGGRAPH2010 to your best model to enter. There will only be one winner this time, winner takes all! This winner will have their model displayed at SIGRRAPH as the centerpiece of our stand. After the show we will also send you the model and give you an additional $250 coupon in 3D printing. We will be looking for the best, most impressive display model. The model can not cost more than $200 and must be inspiring as well as show people the possibilities of 3D printing. Don’t forget only two weeks to design! Fame and fortune await! Enter now! 


  1. Artur T.

    We’ve long been waiting for impressive models combining different materials in one model.
    This would be a great way to showcase our diverse range within one centerpiece.
    This is not a criteria, but it would impress us ;-)

  2. Michael Williams

    How do we enter this one? I don’t see a tag mentioned, and there’s nothing on the contest page yet.

    1. Michael Williams

      Of course I looked and read and didn’t see it, now I see it plain as day… My fault guys.

  3. LadeHeria

    I want to participate, but I don’t know exactly how enter the contest.
    Can you explain more ?

    1. Dizingof

      Just add SIGGRAPH2010 in the tags field of your model.

    2. Joris

      To enter just upload a model to Shapeways and add the tag SIGGRAPH2010 to it. Presto you have entered to contest.

  4. LadeHeria

    Thanks ! Another (stupid) question : Do I post my model in public or private gallery ?


    1. Joris

      For contests you models always have to be public so we can see them.


  5. Michael Williams

    The contest page, has this described as the student full color contest.

  6. William K

    When will the winner be announced?

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