An elephant standing on its’ trunk, and more

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At Shapeways we’re obsessed with
turning 2D things into 3D objects. We’d like to think everyone shares
our obsession. If you look at this work by Dutch artist Kim Rikken it
initially looks like a collage, decidedly 2D. She seems to have drawn
lines across the work to give it some semblance of depth and 3D.

In actual fact the work started out a s
a 1.2 metre display box with shards of paper in them that moved as
the box was moved. It used to be a 3D object but the resulting work
looks as if it is 2D. And those lines? They are actually 1 metre high
each and painstakingly hand-drawn. It seems that some people will go
through great lengths to do the opposite of what we are doing.

One of the best artists websites ever
is this site by Jack Reubsaet. I tend to hate flash but the site is quite simply crazy(in a good way). See if you can spot his six foot tall Super Mario murals.

Can we top that? How about an elephant standing on its trunk and a hall full of Darth Vader masks?