The draw it contest was an especially difficult one to judge. After long debate we have decided that:

The fifth place winner is fx2’s Shark Stainless Steel letter opener.We thought this was a fun product to customize and use.

In fourth place we have YouKnowWho4Eva’s cute MiBuddy Iphone Stand.We thought that this was a great way to both customize and “anthropomorphize” the Iphone stand.

In third place we have Jeff’s Canvas Ipad Wrap. We thought this was a well presented and well thought out fun co-creator drawing product.

In second place we have WelshDesigns’ Draw your own Stick Family. This seemed to us to be a lot of fun and an original idea to make such a “literal” product with people’s drawing skill.

In first place we have Lensman’s Breast Plate.We loved the breast plate jewelry idea and thought this would be a great product to customize.

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