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Even higher detail

As you may know we use Objet 3D printers for our White, Transparent and Black Detail materials. These printers have two settings Top Quality and Top Speed. The difference between the two setting is in the layer thickness of the 3D print. Top Speed has a layer thickness of 28 micron and Top Quality has one of 16 micron. We always set them to Top Speed because this is faster and thus cheaper for you. A few weeks back we had a production hiccup. In response we printed a batch with the Top Quality setting and got several very enthusiastic responses. Because of this for the next two weeks, until the 15th, all orders of the Detail materials will be printed at the highest detail. There is no additional charge. 

The difference between the two settings is hard to see on photographs. Andy (Sadwargamer) says of the higher detail prints he received, “The new high quality white detail print mode almost completely removes the “stair effect” currently exhibited when using white detail – especially on curved surfaces. For small models even greater detail is now possible – opening up further avenues for modelers.  In particular it reduces the amount of post production work needed to take the printed model to a master production model for commercial sale as either a resin or white metal model.”


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