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Designer Spotlight: Shapeways Interviews Oskar van Deventer


Oskar van Deventer is a puzzle savant. He is a genius at designing and
making twisty & mechanical puzzles. I guarantee that if you look at
his YouTube channel or Shapeways Shop
you will be blown away by at least one puzzle and probably more. I know
of no other designer that has amazed me, puzzled me and plain
dumbfounded me more than Oskar has with his designs. Check out this Bram’s Cube and this Unlucky Twist
for example. Oskar really has shown a lot of people that it is possible
to create amazing things using 3D printing. His Shop does really well
and now we’re incredibly proud to announce that one of Oskar’s puzzles
has gone into production with Uwe Meffert, one of the world’s most prestigious and famous puzzle designers.
To me Oskar’s story is a great one and it really illustrates not only
what people can accomplish with Shapeways but also what personal
production will bring us in the future. A single person developing a
product from their own home and selling this worldwide. A single person
starting a business and brand of one.

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