Designer Anna Bullus was bothered by chewing gum. She saw used gum stuck everywhere. Anna designed the Gumdopbin a streetside bin where you can deposit your chewed gum. The next step she took was to spend months in the lab trying to find a process whereby chewed gum could be turned into a plastic that could be injection and blow molded. She succeeded and now the first Gumdropbins (actually made from recycled chewing gum) are being installed in the UK. When the Gumdropbin is full the entire bin is collected and recycled into more bins.

In a word: fantasic! We’ve all seen the dirty sticky chewing gum debris stuck to floors & the street. Anna did something about it by comming up with a end to end process that is self-reinforcing.  

Photographs propterty of Anna Bullus. Thanx to Renny Ramakers for the tip!