Shapeways has added Addigy® P3001, to the lineup of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) materials. This latest addition in 3D printing materials is the result of a long-standing partnership between Shapeways and Covestro

Addigy P3001 was also the topic of a Shapeways webinar, Addigy® P3001: Next Generation Material for SLS 3D Printing, co-hosted by Thomas Murphy, Senior Product Manager at Shapeways and Daniëlle Glasbergen-Benning, Application Development Specialist at Covestro.

What is a Thermoplastic Elastomer?

Addigy P3001 is part of the broad group known as Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs). These materials are easy to process, consistent in quality, resistant to numerous variables, and safe for use in healthcare applications. Covestro leverages decades of research and knowledge in developing materials globally; in fact, they were behind the development of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) in the 1930s and PC (Polycarbonate) in the 1950s.

TPEs, popular as rubber-like polymers, have been widely used in sports and lifestyle applications like footwear and protective gear. 

“Thermoplastics are not a specific class of materials, but rather a property profile,” states Daniëlle Glasbergen-Benning, Application Development Specialist at Covestro. “The Addigy TPE is known as a multiblock thermoplastic copolymer. On a molecular level, this TPE offers both hard and soft segments. The hard segments are made of Polyester and the soft ones are Polyether.”

Additive manufacturing elevates use of these rubber-like polymers, allowing for personalization and customization. 

Addigy P3001: High Energy Return with Easy Processing for 3D Printing

Addigy P3001 provides higher energy return than most 3D printing materials. This feature makes it an excellent candidate for 3D printing applications requiring a bit of elasticity or a ‘spring in the step’ as the material stretches and then returns to its original state after deforming.

This TPE is easy to process and 3D print, with low smoke/odors associated with production. A variety of finishing and post-processing options like vapor smoothing are available for Addigy P3001. 

Recommended applications:

  • Footwear
  • Consumer goods 
  • Industrial products like gaskets
  • Sports guards 
  • Toys

Key features:

  • A uniquely soft and elastomeric texture
  • Excellent mechanical properties like high elongation at break
  • Shock and impact resistance
  • Moisture and chemical resistance
  • Biocompatibility 
  • Easy cleaning, promoting good hygiene as parts can be sterilized in hot water
  • White opaque appearance

3D printed using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), a robust process that solidifies material layer-by-layer, TPE (SLS) parts are skin contact safe with cytotoxicity (ISO 10993-5) and skin irritation and sensitization (ISO 10995-10) certifications.  

Explore the design guidelines for this 3D printing material further here.

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