Draw it Co-Creator Contest

Enter the Draw It Co-Creator Contest.

Artur lead the way in showing us all how anyone can co-design for 3D printing.
As a designer you can use that idea to work together with someone in
order to create something unique with them. We know that there is much
more creativity to explore in this area, that’s why we’re doing the
Draw it contest. Who can come up with the most interactive, fun and
expressive co-creator that has a hand drawn drawing as its input? Who can design the best combination of drawing and 3D printing?  

  • 1ste prize is $100 coupon for 3D printing
  • the top 3 models will be featured on the Shapeways homepage for one week
  • The top 5 winning models will get their model printed for free
  • You can enter until the 30th of May.

The terms and conditions for the contest can be found here.Your model has to have a sales price between $25 and $60, excluding mark-up and VAT. The model has to be available as Co-Creator. Tag your uploaded model with the tag “Draw it” in order to enter. 

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  1. jeff bare

    excited bout this one. ideas are brewed

    btw the terms & cond. link goes straight to a page that doesn’t exist…

  2. Glenn Slingsby

    The lead-in to your contest says “It’s simple, you design and offer your Co-Creation template”
    Okay, but I can find NOWHERE hear as to where to upload this ‘template’ to, what format it is supposed to be in, etc. Do I have to upload a model and link it to the template, if I do so then surely that entry would then be visible to everyone?

    Am I missing seeing a link somewhere? You tell us what you want but not how to complete the entry. I have been going round and round this site trying to find something that doesn’t seem to exist (much as I seem to be doing in life!)


    1. Joris


      The model can be uploaded as a regular model on Shapeways. You then can turn that model into a co-creator template like this: http://www.shapeways.com/Co-Creator_Platform/How_to_join

      The sketch sheet or paper that people can use to draw on can be posted anywhere and you can then link to it in the comments of the model. As here: http://www.shapeways.com/model/112908/ You can come up with your own sketch sheet but do remember the scale.

      Have I answered your question? I’m a bit confused too.

  3. Peter Paul Cornelissen

    Good point Glenn,

    Pretty sure it’s not you 😉
    I’ll come back to that later with the solution.

    Sorry for leaving this “small detail” out 😉

    Peter Paul

  4. Glenn Slingsby

    Glad to hear it’s not me. I hate it when I start doubting my own mental faculties!

  5. jeff bare

    my canvas wrap model cost $23.60, but the maximum volume pushes the cost up to $56.50. model here: http://www.shapeways.com/model/119276/canvas_wrap.html

    the price range for the competition is $25-$60, does my model meet the requirements? or do i need to add material to it to push the base price up to $25?

  6. Shapeways Blog

    The Full Color 3D Print Student Contest is now underway and we are seeing a really high level of designs coming in and are looking forward to seeing more.  To clarify a query you can post multiple entries to the contest, your design can be a product, char

  7. Glenn Slingsby

    Good question, Jeff Bare, which raises a similar question: Why bother to have a monetary limit anyway? And what good does it do when there are different prices for different materials? A $25 model in WSF would be way over $60 in Stainless Steel, and the contest doesn’t state what material those prices are for anyway…

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