Draw it Co-Creator Contest

Enter the Draw It Co-Creator Contest.

Artur lead the way in showing us all how anyone can co-design for 3D printing.
As a designer you can use that idea to work together with someone in
order to create something unique with them. We know that there is much
more creativity to explore in this area, that’s why we’re doing the
Draw it contest. Who can come up with the most interactive, fun and
expressive co-creator that has a hand drawn drawing as its input? Who can design the best combination of drawing and 3D printing?  

  • 1ste prize is $100 coupon for 3D printing
  • the top 3 models will be featured on the Shapeways homepage for one week
  • The top 5 winning models will get their model printed for free
  • You can enter until the 30th of May.

The terms and conditions for the contest can be found here.Your model has to have a sales price between $25 and $60, excluding mark-up and VAT. The model has to be available as Co-Creator. Tag your uploaded model with the tag “Draw it” in order to enter. 

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