Euro’s on Shapeways

For some of our community the fact that all our prices are Dollars was one of life’s minor annoyances. They wanted to see Euro prices on all the models. We have just implemented it for you. From now on you can see the prices of all the models in both Euros and Dollars. 

Photograph is Creative Commons Attribution and by Andrea Guerra.


  1. Tõnis Liivamägi

    What about VAT and sans VAT prices for commercial customers? We would really appriciate that so we could use shapeways as real commercial partner inside European Union instead of this kind of personal/private level.


    1. Marleen Vogelaar

      Hi Tonis

      Did you already try to register as a business user? Then it should all work automatically.

  2. Sandy Noble

    This is great – the latest round of improvements seems to be making the site a more mature platform.

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