Sketch to Steel

Hello Shapeways community!

A brief intro: My name is Artur Tchoukanov and I started my internship at Shapeways a little over a month ago. I am involved in improving interaction and user experience for the Shapeways community.

My passion is making 3D creation ubiquitous and accessible to everyone, so I’m at the right place.

One of my major projects has entered its second phase.
Relying on something most of us learned in kindergarten: drawing pictures. Now anyone can create 3D designs without having to learn special programs.

If 3D printing is to be accessible, then we have to start with tools and knowledge readily available and build from that.
Co-creator platforms also need to be empowered and a step in that direction is this new co-creator for earrings. Now you can draw your own earrings and we 3D print your design for you.

step1. download the sketch sheet – it has a space to draw and make a selection, as well as guidelines that will help you turn it into a success.
step2. Print out the sketch sheet on A4 or letter paper and draw your desired shape of earrings on it. (you can also use image editing software like Gimp, inkscape or Photoshop to draw what you want).
step3. Take a picture with a camera (above 2 megapixels) or scan the sheet (at least 150dpi). (or save from editing software).
step4. Go to our co-creator and click ‘Create’ button, then upload the picture.
step5. Proceed with checkout, sit back and relax. You (or the person dear to you) will be enjoying your new earrings in a short while (depending on material chosen).

Here’s a pair sketched by Denise, our new MarCom manager, and she is proudly wearing them in the office.
You will probably see her wearing them if you ever come across her.

If you would like to try it out you can find the model here and the sketch sheet here

I’m also looking forward to our Shop owners using the sketch sheet idea for their own co-creators.


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