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Co-designing with kids

A few months ago Vijay Paul of DotSan was showing off some of his 3D printed creations to two cousins aged 6 and 7. The two were inspired by Vijay’s designs and wanted to make things too. The pair of aspiring designers could not 3D model however so Vijay decided to co-design with them. They made drawings of the models they wanted.


Vijay then turned these designs into 3D models. We hope to see the results soon!

Vijay is not the only ones letting children in on the 3D printing game. Ivo Beckers (Ibec)has let his kids design a number of things.

Meike, who is 7, had her signature drawing turned into a great pendants that were 3D printed in plastic, color and metal. You can check out her Head Heart model here

Another daughter Esmee, 10, used a neocube magnetic puzzle to design a ring. Her dad then 3D modeled that design to make a metal 3D print.

The kids also used paper cut outs to design these wonderful flowersticks.

Opening up alternative ways for people to design really lowers the barriers to entry to 3D printing. We really want “everyone” to be able to 3D print. Vijay and Ivo’s innovative approaches illustrate the path to the future. Design by proxy, design by explanation and design using existing tools are three key ways in which design and with it production can be democratized. Over the coming weeks we will show you some of our own work in allowing more people to get into the design game. 

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