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  • The extensive volume of industrial 3D prints Shapeways has produced over the years, and how.
  • What it takes to make a quality 3D model, but even more importantly, one that is printable.
  • How the Shapeways partnership with ZVerse enriches the user experience.
  • Why file fixing is key to retaining a good customer base.
  • How outsourcing 3D printing can be excellent for the bottom line.

With nearly two decades of experience in 3D printing, Shapeways continues their mission to make quality 3D printing services accessible to businesses of all sizes around the world. Whether customers are prototyping or making parts, Shapeways encourages innovation, customization, and the opportunity to work with businesses intent on offering new services like 3D printing.

Following are several ways Shapeways is able to make industrial 3D printing easier for other companies.

1. Advanced Materials and Technology for Quality 3D Printed Products

Advanced materials, software, and hardware are behind the 21 million parts Shapeways has custom 3D printed with success for over 1 million customers–a source of incredible inspiration and motivation to provide ongoing quality in parts and excellence in service.

Successful product development, printability, and additive manufacturing are heavily dependent on making the right choices in terms of materials, which is why Shapeways has continued to expand a wide range of options for customers —whether they prefer 3D printing nylon plastics like Nylon 12 [Versatile Plastic] or premium metals like gold or platinum

In choosing the proper materials for a specific 3D model, it is critical to consider whether a product will be an exclusive piece for a jewelry line like a high-end bracelet or a versatile design like an electronic monitoring device that can be manufactured in a variety of textures and colors in higher volumes. With over 90 materials and finishes available, the results can be extremely exciting!

Explore the full Shapeways material portfolio here.

2. Customized Feedback on Files, Designs, and 3D Models

Shapeways sets other manufacturers up for success with streamlined outsourcing for 3D printing, and all that it takes to get to that point. This begins with the ability to upload a printable file. Partners like ZVerse are immensely helpful with this process. With access to ZVerse’s CADaaS platform, manufacturers benefit from design services that can help increase business; for example, ZVerse research shows that digital manufacturers turn away a significant portion of their business leads simply because potential customers do not have the required 3D printing files. This partnership leads to optimized printability of 3D files, along with strengthening of existing designs.

Shapeways also offers extensive analysis of 3D models, as well as customized feedback on 3D models that may have issues at first due to issues with guidelines, incompatibility, and typical rejections. Many files that were not initially printable can be easily regenerated by Shapeways file fixers.

Accuracy and repeatability in parts is a result of the enormous effort put into quality assurance and quality control, and one of the greatest advantages for industrial customers working with Shapeways. There may be some hurdles for customers to overcome when developing new products, but everyone at Shapeways understands the drive to push the limits sometimes–especially in terms of mass customization. That is, after all, what the entire 3D printing industry is built on.

3. Offer 3D Printed Services to Customers without Spending Capital

Additive manufacturing can be challenging on any level, but Shapeways removes all the stress, expensive, and time consuming learning curve. By outsourcing 3D printing to Shapeways, businesses are able to avoid spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on industrial 3D printers, the time and expense to build an extensive inventory of materials, and the challenges in offering the proper employee training or hiring others with years of industry experience.

While there are free 3D modeling programs available, creating actual 3D printed products is a different story. Even if you have a solid idea and some 3D modeling experience, it doesn’t mean that you will be an expert at creating an optimal 3D printable file. Further, mastering even the most inexpensive 3D printers can be daunting, requiring a lot of trial and error. Shapeways employs a huge fleet of cutting-edge, industrial 3D printers with capabilities light years beyond desktop or basic professional 3D printers. Product offerings are continually expanding, providing innovative solutions for every customer.

The process is as easy as creating an account, uploading a 3D model, and checking out an instant quote. Up to 20 models can be uploaded at once, with a variety of different ways to optimize products. 

About Shapeways

Shapeways offers over 90 materials and finishes, and is always interested in sourcing other materials customers may be interested in using too. Contact Shapeways now to enjoy the benefits of advanced technology and materials for manufacturing creations with accuracy, complex detail, and no minimum or limits in terms of mass customization or single part orders.Shapeways has worked with over 1 million customers in 160 countries to make over 21 million parts! Read about case studies, find out more about Shapeways solutions, and get instant quotes here.