Co-Creator Creativity in Co-Design Contest winners announced

We had a lot of response to our “Co-Creator Creativity in Co-Design Contest” (seriously – who came up with THAT name? ;-). To recap, the aim of the contest was to create surprising, beautiful designs that are a good showcase of our Co-Creator platform.

With a Co-Creator, a real designer somewhere on the internet will adapt his or her design just for you. They will tell you the kinds of changes that can be made, you give them your input and off they go!

Some participants ran into a problem with our tagging service, so we took a good hard look at the recently submitted creator models to make sure we didn’t miss anything (and yeah, we fixed that pesky bug).The runners-up will all receive their entry free of charge: (listed in no particular order)

aeron203 – Time Keeper

There’s a lot of symbolism in this clock – it’s frozen in time at a moment that’s special to you.

Links: Time Keeper | aeron203’s shop

Youknowwho4eva – Character Pendant

Submit a picture of any character to turn it into a personalized pendant. A simple concept and easy to do.

Links: Character Pendant | Youknowwho4eva’s shop

Posey’s Designs – Customizable Critter

Surprise your kids with this finger puppet. Your own photograph covers its skin.

Links: Customizable Critter | Posey’s Designs shop

rawkstar320 – Puzzle Heart

The Puzzle Heart consists of two separate objects, each printed in a different material. The heart transforms from a capsule shape into a heart, and contains a ‘hidden’ message: two photographs.

Links: Puzzle Heart Insert | Puzzle Heart Body | rawkstar320’s shop

kspaho – Custom Shape Wine Stopper

Submit a picture and it will be carved into this elegant wine stopper. You’ll need to add a rubber ring to make this work – we can’t print those (yet?). I love combinations of Shapeways objects with other objects.

Links: Custom Shape Wine Stopper | kspaho’s shop

Fx2 – Metal Key Holder

Decorate the key holders with icons of your choice. Simple, clean and effective design.

Links: Metal Key Holder | Fx2’s shop

TerraCotta – Inseparable

Look at it from one side and you’ll see a silhouette of your face. From another side, your initials. A great concept with a cool surprising effect.

Links: Inseparable | TerraCotta’s shop

Bathsheba – Two Way Letter Pendant

The Two Way Letter Pendant contains two initials, but you’ll only be able to see one at a time. A very nicely designed eye-catcher.

Links: Two Way Letter Pendant | Bathsheba’s shop

virtox – Morse Ring

The Morse Ring contains a clever hidden message, yet maintains a stylish look.

Links: Morse Ring | virtox’s shop

… and the winner of the $100 printing coupon is:

BeltClub – HandBelt

Don’t let the name fool you – you can draw your own design (by Hand?) and BeltClub will turn it into a real, stainless steel buckle. A very fresh and ‘out of the box’ concept that offers a huge amount of artistic freedom. Congratulations – great job!

Links: HandBelt | BeltClub’s shop

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