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Intro Jo: Shapeways’ new marketing director

Hi Everyone,

As Joris is on holiday and he put me in his out of office and in the latest newsletter, I thought it was time to let you know who I am.

I would like to introduce myself as Shapeways new Marketing Director. My name is Jo (pronounced Yo) and with this segment I would like to invite you, fellow bloggers, readers and customers to join me on a journey through this exciting industry and in discovering the amazing things we have in store for you. Having been exposed to all things Shapeways for the last 2 months now, I must admit that I am really enjoying the work, the company, the colleagues and the amazing products and of course the concept of 3D printing.

In my pre-Shapeways life, I worked in online marketing for renowned companies such as LEGO (who has not been fascinated by their
building blocks as a kid or young adult) and Egmont (the wonderful world of spellbinding children’s books and magazines). So online marketing and online communities have always been a big part of my job. However, having been introduced to Shapeways, 3D printing and product development leaves me stomping at the bit and I cannot help but feel the strongest urge to introduce the idea of democratization of production to the world.  It has been an eye-opener for me and I am sure a lot of people would benefit immensely if they only knew this concept and these opportunities exist.

Like no other, I feel the world has truly become our playground. Imagination, development, production knows no bounds. I am living proof of this. I am a Belgian National, studied and lived in Belgium, the USA, the UK and France, worked in the same 4 countries and now in the Netherlands. My best friends hail from almost every continent on this earth, from Philadelphia to Hong Kong and many places in between. One of the things I enjoy immensely during my spare time, is cooking up some International Cuisine for my husband and myself to enjoy.

What would I like to accomplish at Shapeways? To begin with, I’d like to make sure that everyone becomes or continues to be as passionate about (y)our products as we, the Shapies, are. In order to give you, our valued partners, friends and customers, the service you deserve, we will start by making our website more user-friendly. Please do continue to send us any suggestions. We value all your comments. Furthermore, I aim at finding more and more ways to inspire shop owners with new ways to improve and market their shops. So make sure you keep watching this space, and you will hear from me again soon.

My motto: have fun in whatever you do.



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