“Every dog must have his day.” – Jonathan Swift

Today, scientists from the Shapeways Top Secret Development Lab are releasing information that has been highly privileged up until now. They have spent over a decade exploring methods for 3D printing a real dog on demand; however, as time went on, they realized their vision went far beyond the ability to 3D print just one type of dog.

Custom Dog Figurine - Duncan
Custom Dog Figurine – Duncan by Cuddle Clones – Where Our Friends Take Shape

With the potential to customize and personalize nearly anything using additive manufacturing, researchers at Shapeways have taken advantage of futuristic proprietary technology and advanced materials—not to mention access to millions of colors—for 3D printing the perfect pup. This is a momentous time for dog lovers around the globe, whether they seek a teacup Poodle or a robust Rottweiler.

Chien de la Rue by MEMORIES.ART
Chien de la Rue by MEMORIES.ART

“We’ve investigated every aspect of how to make what Shapeways customers have been hounding us about for years,” explained Dr. Richard D. McPooch, lead researcher at the Shapeways Top Secret Development Lab in New York City. “Customization in designer canines is the wave of the future, and we are thrilled to be a part of helping prospective dog owners figure out the parameters of exactly what they want, especially for a companion that will be with them for many years. We believe dogs can now be designed to fit their owner’s needs better, adding to their lives, without bringing any chaos–or allergies.”

In confidential interviews performed over the last decade at the Shapeways Lab, a select yet diversified group of dog lovers told Dr. McPooch what they desired most in a dog:

  1. Doesn’t make a mess on the carpet, or chew on shoes.
  2. Stays when told, and never runs away.
  3. Offers unconditional love, and is always there.
  4. Sleeps in a designated area, and doesn’t have to go out in the middle of the night.
  5. Presents minimal cost in terms of vet bills, food, and accessories.

German Shepherd Dogs by zetaFORMS
German Shepherd Dogs by zetaFORMS

“Whether Shapeways customers want a dog they can fit into their purse, or enjoy on the larger 3D printed scale, our goal is to make sure they have every resource possible in terms of size, shape, color, texture, and human-to-canine personalization,” said Dr. McPooch, a champion of dog aficionados everywhere.

Developing the perfect dog in the pack was certainly no walk in the park, but as Shapeways scientists toiled under shrouded secrecy for years, they constantly reminded themselves of four powerful words:

“Happy April Fool’s Day!”

All joking aside, Shapeways will help you bring all your canine designs to life in miniature with versatility in materials and technology, and full color. Check out some of the following great choices:

High Definition Full Color – Say goodbye to hand painting, and choose from over ten million color choices. This is one of your best options for incredibly vibrant, detailed miniatures. High Definition Full Color is 3D printed with the industrial-grade Mimaki 3DUJ-553, using eight unique piezoelectric printheads for maximum accuracy, resolution, and photorealism via material jetting.

Multi-color Polyjet – Also one of our most popular materials for figurines, Multi-Color Polyjet material is printed on the Stratasys J750. Over 500,000 color combinations are offered for translucent or opaque, full-color products.

Sandstone – Another great choice for multi-color printing, sandstone has been a favorite of many Shapeways customers for 3D printing quality miniatures. Binder jetting is used to manufacture miniatures in sandstone, offering incredible speed, precision, and quality in 3D printed products.

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