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Stripes for Ipad a 3D printed Ipad compatible cover by Salokannel

Pekka Salokannel hails from Finland and is doing some amazing 3D printing product design right here on Shapeways

He has these beautiful tulip earrings for example.

Or what do you think of this bracelet?

Or this 3D printed ruler.

Pekka has  now made a 3d printed case/cover for Apple’s Ipad.

He designed it and printed it weeks before it came out. Some friends quickly bought an Ipad in the States and brought it to Finland. Pekka was the able to test the plug holes and the buttons to see if the 3D print & his design were correct.

There were some issues with his initial design but he corrected them and now he is able to put an Ipad compatible accessory on the market worldwide. Pekka has the product design skill, he prototypes using us and then we provide him with a scalable manufacturing infrastructure so he can sell a product worldwide while we do the shipping production and all other things boring. You know what, the more I think about it the more I am beginning to believe that there might be something to this whole 3D printer and 3D printing hype after all. Pekka’s 3D printed case for the Ipad cost $50 and you can get one here.


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