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Using Shapeways to make a RepRap

The RepRap project has long been a groundbreaking project to create an affordable open source 3D printer that can print itself. Many RepRap parts have already been uploaded to Shapeways. We’ve always been very proud of that and love the idea of our technology being used to make another complimentary one. Now the RepRapWiki site has a tutorial showing you how to take a part 3D printed by Shapeways, make a mold of it and use it to build a RepRap mendel 3D printer. This could make it very inexpensive to create the plastic parts for the RepRap and will hopefully speed up the spread of the RepRaps to all the corners of the earth.

Many thanks to Shapeways community member Hannu Kotipalo

The molding tutorial using polymorph and Shapeways to create RepRap parts is here.

Image used under Creative Commons, Attribution by Ben_onthemove

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