3D printing Objet Detail materials

White Detail, Transparent Detail and Black Detail are some of the most detailed 3D printing materials we have on Shapeways. They are made by hardening an  Acrylic-based photopolymer using UV light. The machines used are from 3D printing company Objet Geometries. We just made a movie showing you how Objet 3d printing works. We show you how the model is built up layer by layer by the machine and how Objet support material is removed. Enjoy. 


  1. Dizingof

    Great Video !
    Objet is an Israeli company about 40 KM from my house 🙂

    Any chance shapeways will introduce new materials from Objet?

    1. Joris

      Small world!

      We are looking into introducing many new materials We will have to see if some new Objet stuff can be done.

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