The Steam Punk Scout 3D printed neckerchief

Bill Cournoyer just made something wonderful with Shapeways. It is the Steam Punk Scout 3D printed neckerchief. For $20 you can now get the perfect accessory to go with your steam powered ballooning merit badge. The Stainless Steel variant would require some serious pocket money saving however at $95.   


  1. Bart

    Looks great! How did it get the different colors? Are those printed, or painted on?

    1. Benno

      I think he said they were painted on.

  2. Bill Cournoyer

    I painted it with Testors enamel model paint. I gave the entire model a black base coat and then used bronze and steel. The roughness of the white makes the for a nice rough metallic look.

  3. Aaron Trocola

    That looks amazing. Great detail.

    Joris, thanks for giving this deserved attention. I want to see more Steampunks on here! With the ability of 3D printing to create detail and moving mechanical parts, the pairing with Steampunk is perfectly natural. If anyone can get a handle on how to make DIY 3D designing a functional reality for everyday people, it’s the makers and artisans in that band. Hopefully Bill makes plenty of noise.

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