As the robotics industry continues to rise in popularity and growth, it makes sense that we would constantly be trying to find new ways to incorporate 3D printing into the robotics process. Both robotics and 3D printing are forward-thinking industries, so combining the two—when done properly—could lead to incredible results.

But how exactly can you mesh robotics and 3D printing into a successful outcome? Here are 4 ways some of the pros have found that work the best. 

To Build Robots

The most common way to do this is to use 3D printing in building actual robots. Of course, the term “robots” may make one think of human-like machines, but robots extend much further than that, from small operating projects to robotics arms and more. 3D printing is incredibly useful when it comes to creating robots, no matter the size or purpose of them: 3D printing makes the process fast and efficient while allowing you to simplify the creation of complex forms. 

To Prototype to Perfection 

Additionally, another great thing about using 3D printing to assist in robotics is the ability to prototype easily. Developing a perfect prototype is the first step in 3D printing your masterpiece, and when it comes to robotics, this can be a lengthy process—and an expensive one! With 3D printing, however, everything is much different—and much better. 

With 3D printing, you’re able to create many different prototypes in order to work out any kinks or flaws before you put your ideas into production. Because robotics can be incredibly complex and detail-oriented, prototyping to perfection is a key step in ensuring ultimate success. 

To Build Drones

Drones are becoming incredibly popular, both among those in the robotics industry and even those who are not! In fact, variations of drones can be purchased everywhere nowadays, from online to in malls and stores. But why buy a drone when you can 3D print a personalized one? 

Many in the robotics field are using 3D printing to make drones that come complete with many special features. When you 3D print your drone, you’re able to fully customize it to your liking, ensuring it performs, looks, and succeeds in all the ways you intend it to. 

To Maintain Consistency in Production

In robotics, machines are often created in batches, all intended to perform the same function. Sometimes they’re used in assembly lines, and other times they’re shipped to different factories or establishes throughout the country. With 3D printing, you’re able to ensure that each machine created will be identical, creating consistency across production, which is vital in terms of efficiency and success.

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