As 3D printing becomes increasingly popular and integral to multiple industries, the efficiency of utilizing this new process becomes more apparent. One industry that’s being revolutionized by 3D printing is the lighting industry. In fact, 3D printing is helping to completely transform the current state and future of modern lighting design. Here are 5 ways how. 

Creating Unique Pieces

Gone are the days when every lamp or lighting fixture in your home looked the same. With 3D printing, you can make a completely unique piece of lighting design. You’re able to create a new shape — however traditionally unusual or “out there” it may be — that can be used to illuminate different parts of your home, whether it be a chandelier or floor lamp. With 3D, there’s no end to the possibilities of customization. Additionally, not only do these then serve as sources of light, but also as accent pieces to place around your home. 

Increased Variety

Additionally, 3D printing increases the variety of lighting options on the market. This helps to create trends within the industry and to discover what consumers want more and less of. For instance, some designs may be too wild for the average consumer while other modern designs may be super popular. Through this process, you’re able to determine the direction in which the market is heading, seeing which products to create more of and which to step back from. 

Decrease Complexity

Crafting lighting pieces can be a complex process depending on the intricacies of the design. However, with 3D printing, you’re able to perfect every aspect of the design before printing a final product, allowing you to test out new ideas and work out kinks that will make the piece the best that it can be. Additionally, with 3D printing, the process of assembling after printing is much easier. 

Reduced Waste Materials

For larger lighting factories, the utilization of 3D printing will help to decrease the amount of waste they produce. As efforts to go green and be environmentally conscious become more apparent, this is an effective and surefire way to increase production times and output while decreasing waste. 

Lower Costs

Of course, 3D printing also lowers the cost of manufacturing different lighting pieces. If you’re 3D printing your own lighting design, this will allow you to prototype and try out a few designs before choosing a final one. If a lighting design company were to use 3D printing, this would help cut down on overall costs spent while increasing revenue. It’s a win-win situation either way!

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