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A lot of you will be familiar with Banksy by now. The faceless man from Bristol who went from mysterious and anonymous graffiti artist to screen print star. Currently there’s quite some speculation that his real identity might be rather a boring one. Rather than a hard luck story he might be, Gasp, a middleclass person. Whatever that means. Perhaps he even has a Facebook page. This post is not about that though. A while ago he helped organize The Cans Festival. This wonderfully named event showed us some stunning, funny and thought provoking art.

Some more street art can be seen on the Mark Jenkins site. It shares the humorous, court jester-like quality of a lot of street art with a kind of “installations that ambush you” theme.

At Shapeways we love making thing in 3D but other people are busy in 3D on an entirely different scale. The Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota was started in 1948 by Korczak Ziolkowski. He worked for 36 years on the monument commemorating Native American culture and one of its’ most famous chiefs. After his death others have expanded it but it is very far from being finished.  Eventually the statue will be 172 metres tall. You can see more pictures of it here. You can also see it on Google maps. At Shapeways we think big, but not that big.

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