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Introducing Our Latest Metal Material: Copper

3D printing isn’t all about plastic. While we at Shapeways offer our customers a wide variety of cutting-edge plastics, we have always been committed to providing access to the highest quality and variety of materials, including metals. Currently Shapeways customers can print their products in Steel, Bronze, Gold, Silver, or Platinum. Today, we are excited to expand our offerings by adding another material to to our cast metal family: Copper.

Copper is a precious metal that can be used in a wide variety of applications due to its unique properties. Copper’s initial appearance takes on an orange-red metallic color but eventually darkens by turning green in color through oxidation This chemical reaction forms  a protective layer on its surface making Copper highly resistant to corrosion and biofouling. While oxidation can create an antiqued appearance that may be desirable it for creating ornamented and unique jewelry, Copper is most suitable for marine and aerospace applications and use in other harsh environments. It also has antiseptic properties which protects marine organisms, making it an environmentally friendly material for undersea mechanisms like desalination devices and offshore drilling mechanisms. 

Copper is also an excellent material for thermal and electrical conductivity. Because of its ability to heat quickly with a uniform heating profile, Copper is commonly used in heat exchangers. Combining 3D printing and lost wax casting, our Copper manufacturing process is capable of producing creative new geometries that take advantage of the material properties for inventive industrial applications and unique decorative pieces. 

Copper is available in both Natural and Polished finishes. Want to see if Copper is right for your next project?  Chat with our Material Expert team here, or for an instant quote upload your 3D model here.

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