Here at Shapeways, we’re hard at work searching for the best 3D printing materials and making them available to our users. It’s our mission to ensure that you always have the perfect match for your product’s specific characteristics and needs. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the addition of a new cutting-edge material finish to our platform — starting today, you can now create products in Multi Jet Fusion Plastic with a smooth, non-porous surface. This new smooth finish is available in Black PA12.

Utilizing Additive Manufacturing Technologies’ physio-chemical process, MJF Black Smooth PA12 creates smooth, semi-shiny, and watertight surfaces, sealing Multi Jet Fusion Plastic’s typically matte and porous surface. And since the finishing process is non-line of sight, even the internal cavities of complex parts can be smoothed. With this new material, it’s now possible to achieve less than 1 RA of surface roughness. 

Unlike polishing, this all-new process removes very little material while smoothing, maintaining each part’s structural integrity. In short, geometric complexity doesn’t have to be sacrificed for a professional finish. With such precision, MJF Black Smooth PA12 is a perfect option for working prototypes, display models, external functional parts, and high-end DIY projects.

We’re so excited to see how this new material will expand the realm of what’s possible with Shapeways and bring a new level of professionalism to your products. Upload your design, select the new MJF Black Smooth PA12 material, and get an instant quote now.