White, Strong & Flexible 3D printing movie

Bart made a movie showcasing the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printing process. SLS is the 3D printing process behind White, Strong & Flexible. In the movie you can see how your models are made. You can see our EOS Formiga P100 SLS 3D printers and also how your models are cleaned. The cleaning step is all manual labor and will probably be the biggest surprise for those of you who think that we just press a button and walk away (if only).

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  1. George Bell

    Fascinating movie!! It is great to see how this works!

    I have a dumb question that has been bugging me … how does the laser fuse the material, when the material itself is opaque? Doesn’t it have to pass through the material to get to the layer it is fusing at that time? Is it really the intersection of two or more laser beams where the fusing occurs?

    Inquiring minds want to know! :-)

  2. Marcus Shaw

    George, as far as I understand, the laser is melting the top layer, then there is another layer beeing added by the printer. Layer by layer, the plastic melts together.

    1. Joris

      I hope that Marcus is right because otherwise I’ve misinformed a lot of people.

  3. Rob Mack

    Great clip guys, now all you need is a robot or fairy to sort and clean the parts for you and you’ll be set. Really tho, it’s cool to see how hands on you guys are

  4. George Bell

    Thanks for the explanation. Ballpark figure, how much does one of these SLS printers cost? ;-)

    1. Joris

      Its like a car, it depends on the options. But, a good one can be had for between 150,000 – 300,000 or so. Metallic rims not included.

  5. Marcel Huuskes

    deze video laat het produktieproces goed zien

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