As part of our month-long feature on Multi Jet Fusion Plastic PA12, we’ve asked you, our readers, to submit your questions about this material. Here are the top questions and answers to help you better understand the properties and applications of MJF PA12.

Top Questions Asked

Q. Is PA12 certified non-allergenic?

A. Yes, here is a certification for biocompatability for skin-contact applications, such as jewelry.

Q. Do you have any colored MFJ materials available?

A. Colors for MJF is not in our near-term roadmap, but we will consider this for the future.

Q. I’m curious about the price of printing in this material.

A. Please upload a model through our model upload page, select Multi Jet Fusion Plastic and your desired color and finishing to see the price for your model; or reach out to our sales team and we would be happy to help!

Q. What type of glue is recommended for use with this material?

A. An off-the-shelf epoxy material will work well.

Q. My product has a moveable part. Is PA12 a good material that can withstand constant bending of this moveable part without breakage?

A. PA12 is a good option. PA11 also has great elasticity and may have slightly better long-term wear properties.


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