Shapeways e-commerce integration with Etsy

The Shapeways X Etsy E-Commerce Integration is a seamless way for Etsy shop owners to manage their orders and fulfillment directly on Shapeways. This exciting e-commerce integration also gives members of our community who may not be current Etsy users an opportunity to set up their own shop and expand their customer base.

We spoke with one of our creators who is using the Etsy E-commerce Integration to grow her business. Ola Shekhtman is the designer behind Cityscape Rings, a fine jewelry company that turns iconic city skylines into unique statement pieces. Below is her Shapeways story.

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The Freedom of 3D Printing


Cityscape Rings: 3D designing gives me three different kinds of freedom. The first: geographic freedom. I can live where I want, I can travel all year long – the only tool I need to have for my business is my laptop.

Then there is the creative freedom. Because Shapeways’ 3D technology is able to capture and render incredibly fine details, I never have to hold back in what I design. So many jewelers are amazed by the details of my Cityscape rings. Customers adore the miniature columns and statues that I’m able to build into each piece. It’s tricky to carve out windows and yet 3D printing makes it easy.

Finally there’s the freedom of time – it would probably take me about 100 years to produce 1,000 of my rings by hand. It only takes Shapeways 2 to 3 weeks to create and ship the same amount. With 3D modeling, I can design one city’s skyline once and then it is available to order in any quantity, forever. That allows me to pursue endless amounts of new designs.

London Ring by Cityscape Rings

London Ring by Cityscape Rings

Starting A Business With Shapeways

When I finished my first 3D model, I did some research to see where I could produce it. Shapeways was always the first name that popped up. I signed up easily, uploaded my model, checked the price, chose a material, made a simple payment and received a perfect quality product in the specified time.

One day I bought a large 3D printer with the intention of fulfilling my order by myself. I sold that printer 3 months later. Since I’m the owner of my business and its only employee, I play a lot of roles. I’m the designer, I’m the 24/7 customer service, I’m the marketing and PR specialist, as well as the accountant, analyst, and planner. I’m happy to have Shapeways handle the manufacturing, that way I can at least get some sleep.

Shapeways was my first experience and I still belong to Shapeways. I stay because of the continued quality of the product and the customer service – the customer support is brilliant!

“The Etsy E-Commerce Integration is Magic!”

The Etsy market is giant. It’s the tenth largest online marketplace. Etsy visitors are ready to buy – they’re searching with the intent to purchase. All you need are some high-quality photos, a captivating description, the right title and tags, and your customer will find you.

Before the Etsy integration, it took a while to place orders on Shapeways for my customers. The Etsy E-commerce integration is magic! Now I’m able to place an order without a single click. I have more free time to work on new ideas.

I also have a shop on the Shapeways Marketplace, which is essentially a stream of passive income. All I do is upload models on the website, add some photos and descriptions, and then once a month money immediately appears in my PayPal account. What could be easier?

This year, Cityscape Rings started to appear in some physical gift shops. My next plan is to conquer wholesale.

Connect your Etsy store with Shapeways

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