We’ve heard your feedback and are thrilled to announce an all-new platform integration with Etsy. With the launch of our Etsy E-commerce Integration, there’s now a seamless way for Etsy shop owners to manage their orders and fulfillment directly from Shapeways. This feature also gives the members of our community who may not be current Etsy users an opportunity to set up their own shop and expand their customer base.

Etsy and Shapeways share a similar passion for supporting small business owners and making entrepreneurialism accessible and straightforward. Through this integration, selling and shipping your very own 3D printed product is easier than ever before. Etsy shop owners can now automatically push their orders to Shapeways and then ship directly to customers or their own locations. With multiple options available, users can truly customize delivery to fit their businesses’ needs.

We can’t wait to see how this new e-commerce integration helps you eliminate the inconvenient administrative steps that often bog down a small business’ journey and devote more energy to creation and your customers. Get started now by setting up your free Etsy E-commerce Integration on the Shapeways E-commerce Integration page.