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the Co-Creator Creativity in co-design contest

From today until the 11th of April we will be holding the Co-Creator Creativity in Co-Design Contest. We are looking for the most interesting & inspiring co-creators that you can come up with. The winner will be a fun, interesting, beautiful interaction concept (and or final product) that at the same time results in a great gift (for oneself or someone else). The winning co-creator will win $100 in 3D printing. The top ten finalists will get a 3D print of their co-creator competition entry sent to them free of charge! 

Thinking about and designing co-creators is very different from making a model or designing a product, we think this is real cutting edge stuff and want to see what you guys can do to push the envelope in co-creation.

We hope a lot of you to participate in this contest because we do think that the co-creators are a real step forward in designers working with customers in order to develop unique customized things. We believe that your creativity and 3D printing technology could result in some boundlessly interesting co-creation concepts and products. Furthermore you can still be “the first” to do something with regards to co-design. Name something else you can be first in?

For some inspiration there are several really interesting examples of generative design in this blog post. Over at FOC they’ve come up with customized headphones that will be designed according to the owners taste. Fluid Forms is also trying to get a concept off the ground on Kickstarter whereby a street grid is turned into earrings. But, you could use DNA, fingerprints, a quiz, a person’s favorite books, shapes, their “social graph on Facebook”, their family history, the countries they’ve visited..anything really.  We were very excited when we saw VirtualV’s concept to turn children’s drawings into 3D models. Terracotta’s “your face and initials here” is also a great concept. Magic’s event beads are a new way to commemorate events using 3D printing in color.

Sometimes the co-design concept is not the central innovation but the product itself is. Take Designerica’s Double Moonball ring pictured above. Mathijs’ Snowman is a character with a message. Dimmulain reimagines the letter opener. Whystler’s doorplate points to a myriad of labeling things you could try out. Aeron203’s Halberd for a pencil is totally fun. Youknowwho4eva is tackling the huge class ring market all by himself. Our very own emascipater made a wallet replacement that could be a new way of looking at an everyday object. For the more engineering oriented Ashers Ipod buddy is a good marriage of tech and customization. Rawkstar320 has an Ipod touch stand that makes it easier to watch video. But Mcad’s rotary knob is one of my favorites. You need a knob? Any knob? Any knob what so ever? Mcad will make it for you.  

So what can you do?

  • To enter submit your model with the tag “co-design”before the 11th of April.
  • Entry must have a cost of between $25-50(so excluding the mark up you want to add to it, does not have to include VAT)
  • We will announce the winners by the 15th of April after having studied the entries and compared them with the above criteria. We will take into account community votes but they will not be final.
  • The entry must be uploaded to Shapeways, be public and a co-creator.
  • You can not be a Shapeways employee or relative of a Shapeways employee.
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