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Design and Customize the Perfect Presents with Our Creator Apps

The holidays are fast approaching and with them, the annual extended panic attack over finding exclamation-worthy gifts for all of your family and friends. But this year, instead of rushing through packed stores and standing on seemingly endless lines just to end up with something that doesn’t fully capture the uniqueness of your loved one, why not design the perfect present yourself? Shapeways makes it easy to create and customize a whole array of products so each one feels singular and made specifically for its recipient. Below we’ve assembled some of our favorite creator apps that can help you nail the holidays this year from the comfort of your own home.


Spring & Wonder

The new destination for customizable jewelry, Spring & Wonder lets you select the shape, size, message, and material of a whole range of high-quality pieces, from necklaces to rings and earrings.  



This app creates a ring with a sentimental surprise – built into the physical form of each ring is an encoded number of your choosing, which is only revealed when you shine light or look through it at the right angle.



Twine interlocks two names of your choosing into a chic necklace pendant, connecting loved ones forever.


Cookie Caster

Buying a present for the baker in your life? Make standard cookies a thing of the past with Cookie Caster, the app that allows you to draw and 3D print your own unique cookie cutter.


Our creators apps are for everyone, helping new as well as experienced 3D designers create their own perfect piece in a breeze. So skip the holiday rush this year and use Shapeways to create timeless gifts that show your loved ones exactly how well you know them.

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