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Unlock Your 3D Printing Potential and Design With Shapeways!

At Shapeways, it is our genuine belief that anyone can be a creator. We are passionate about helping all of our users, no matter their experience, tap into their creative potential and design their own perfect product. But we understand that 3D printing can seem more than a bit intimidating to first-time users. Or you just might not have the time to develop a model from the design stages all the way to when it’s ready to print. If you’re hesitant to try 3D printing because of your skill-level or any other constraint, there is now a simple, foolproof way to dive in.

The newly improved Design with Shapeways service connects users directly with our first-rate team of 3D designers and modelers. Experts are available to help from the very initial stages, providing advice when all you have is an inkling of an idea. Even if you’re not sure where to start, our team can walk you through the ins-and-outs of 3D modeling, helping to define project goals, offering design guidance, and answering all of your questions.

Stage 1: Consultation with our team of experts to discuss project goals.

If you already have a 3D model, Design with Shapeways also offers web-based design review, matching you with a dedicated 3D modeler who’ll help your product come to life. From simple file fixes to prevent fragile walls and muddied details or products that need to adhere to precise measurements, we have you covered. Our 3D modelers are experts in designing projects that involve precision, accessories, and architecture, just to name a few, and can guide even the most novice user towards printing success.

Stage 2: Work with a 3d modeler, provide feedback, and see your project come to life.

Design with Shapeways will get you ready to manufacture in record time. After working with our design team, you’ll receive a 3D file that can be used instantly to start printing with Shapeways. With experience in designing for over 30 different materials, our experts can help you move seamlessly from prototype to full-scale production.   

Step 3: Receive a 3D file to instantly start manufacturing with Shapeways.

The cost of working with a Design with Shapeways expert is based on multiple factors that the design team works with each customer to define. Typically most projects fall within the $299 to $1,599 range. On average, projects are completed within two to six weeks. And don’t worry about whether your project is even possible — your initial consultation will help you determine whether your project is a good match. In the event that we aren’t a good fit, we’ll refund your package total minus a $100 consulting fee. We may even suggest how to amend your project to work with 3D technology or recommend other options.  

If you bring the idea, Design with Shapeways will provide the expertise. So stop delaying creation – jump into your project now with the help of our expert team.  

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