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Exciting Updates are Happening at Shapeways

Hi everyone,

We are making exciting and important updates to our user experience on Shapeways.com! We’ve been working for months and can’t wait to share it with you.

We had two major objectives:

  1. Remove friction from the experience to make our service easier to use
  2. Set a context for our services now and those rapidly coming that will enable the end-to-end experience surrounding 3D manufacturing to design, make, and sell

Here are some of the changes we are rolling out:

New Homepage

We have launched a new Shapeways.com. We optimized it for what people use the most (including: make a product, materials pages, contact forms). For shop owners, FYI the marketplace is still on the homepage. Notably, a large percentage of shoppers bypass the homepage and go straight to product pages from search rankings (so the homepage placement is less important than you might think).

New Logo and Design

As part of this, we redesigned our logo and brand colors, imagery, and typography. We wanted to bring the best of Shapeways forward: our name, our appreciation of design, and our respect and accessibility for audiences who might not otherwise have access to advanced 3D printing technology. And we also wanted to signal a change! A backdrop to increasingly showcase our customers’ brands, not Shapeways’ first; a differentiated look and feel for the industry; and a jumping off point to build out our platform story of design + make + sell. We started with the website and will be updating our old branding over the next few months.

New Creator Flow

To a small audience, we have been testing a new “creator flow” that moves the file upload time to 20 seconds instead what had previously been 20 minutes on average! It meant fundamentally rethinking all of the file optimization and more that were happening during that wait time. We had to reduce complexity on the backend, not just the front end. We also used this as an opportunity to simplify and clean up our overall experience to make it more intuitive. We are testing and learning now and will be rolling it out to more people as we keep improving it.

To achieve these ambitions, we are having to make some pretty significant changes. Net-net they make our experience better, but even change itself can be annoying when you are used to using something. Especially our most loyal customers who have been with us for years. We thank you for your patience as you learn through the change. We hope you are happy with the updates, but also appreciate your feedback here.

Greg Kress

CEO of Shapeways

Updated: August 8, 2018


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