Designer Spotlight : Johnny Kelly about using 3D printing to make stop motion animation

Johnny Kelly is an animation director who works for Nexus
an award winning independent animation studio. He was
tasked by Dutch advertising agency KesselsKramer to do the production
for the new opening titles for a Dutch television show, Het
Klokhuis. To make the opening and closing titles Johnny
and his team used stop motion using 3D printing.


  1. JC

    Were the materials recycled after the project was completed ?

  2. Rob Parthoens

    Great work on the animation :) The result is excellent.

    Quote from Johnny Kelley: “Once we got the models back from Shapeways we did have to spend a huge amount of time sanding down the models to get rid of the faceted surface, and making the curvature perfectly smooth. I think however, that this may be more to do with the limitations of 3D printing, and the material we used (White Strong & Flexible), rather than Shapeways in particular.”

    I don’t agree at all with this statement. It has everything to do with the amount of polygons that were used to make the apple. I think the modeler that made those forgot the look at the models without any smoothing. A common mistake that happens with any beginner that doesn’t read every guide that Shapeways offers to anyone. Anyone is perfectly capable to get a smooth apple within the 200,000 polygon limit that shapeways offer.

    Just my two cents :)

  3. Michelle Brouwers

    awesome!! kan me de appel stress nog goed herinneren, maar het resultaat mag er wezen!

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