More good news from Shapeways!

Today we launched Spring & Wonder, a brand, storefront, and jewelry collection that our in-house team built in 2 months.

For the collections, we created go-to, everyday pieces while also incorporating technology that allows you to make them your own. This enables you to decide shape, size, message, material, and any combination in between, unlike ever before in customized jewelry in an easy-to-use online store. That’s the real innovation.

We are proud of the collection and hope you love the jewelry. But Shapeways didn’t do this to become a jewelry store, we did it for you.

Spring & Wonder shows what’s possible. It demonstrates what our platform can do for your business. We published a blueprint to showcase the future of commerce with the step-by-step creation of Spring & Wonder. It’s a guide to design, make and sell products manufactured via 3D printing. You can download it here.

Because we are doing something no one has done before, we thought it would be helpful to show not just tell. With Spring & Wonder, you can use the customizer technology we developed to embed in a Shopify site. You can order seamlessly from our factory. You’ll receive custom packaging and fully assembled jewelry. You’ll see the high quality of 3D printing at market prices.

Whether jewelry, gaming, drone parts, prosthetics, glasses, home decor or anything you can imagine, the Shapeways platform turns ideas into physical products and helps you sell them to the world.

The previous generation of commerce innovation made it simple for anyone to set up a business with Shopify, Squarespace, Etsy… Shapeways enables you to connect your business to sophisticated prototyping, manufacturing, and shipping logistics in one online platform. 3D printing enables unlimited customization and end-product ready quality. And Shapeways is the largest 3D printing service for entrepreneurs and consumers in the world.

Create a product. Build a business. We’d love to help.


CEO of Shapeways