The winner of our Maryland Plastics Injection Molding contest is…

We had a number of great entries for the Maryland Plastics injection molding contest. You can check out the entries here in the special injection molding theme gallery. The people of Maryland Plastics carefully looked and evaluated each model. They said that, “Our decision was based on how well the model followed the rules of the
contest. The items had to be moldable, original, and fit into the
Crystalware line. These three designers showed the best understanding
of these rules, and created very attractive products. The winners as
well as all other models submitted are under consideration for
purchasing the design from the designer.” We’ll follow these developments closely! But, what we know now is that in third place is RK110, Robert Kane with his Cake Tray.


In second place is HolyBowly (Rob Mack) with Crystal Bowl.

The winner is Mendel Heit with Cell Glass.

Thank you so much for participating everyone and thank you Maryland Plastics!!


  1. Marleen Vogelaar

    Congrats to the winners! Definitely articles that are good to sell in any home deco store. Wonder if they would make it in glass as well especially for the Cell Glass.

  2. Rob Mack

    Wow! Stoked to be counted here guys thanks… Congrats to Mendel! I thought the Cell series was by far the most elegant and marketable design in the comp

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