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The Fulton Engine Project uses 3D printing

Robert Fulton was an American inventor and engineer. Steam was the defining technology of its day and Fulton is really one of the most significant pioneers in the field of steam power. He was in charge of developing many US warships and also used his engine design to create the first steamship, the Clermont. In today’s parlance you could say that Fulton was instrumental in making steam mainstream. Furthermore, without him no Huckleberry Finn. A group of intrepid hobbyists calling themselves the Followers of Fulton hope to remind others Fulton’s significance and the importance of his steam engine by rebuilding replicas of that engine. The Fulton Engine Project hopes to eventually build a full scale version of the steam engine that powered the Clermont (and perhaps the Clermont itself). An intermediate step is a scale model. 

The intrepid v& hard working Fulton Followers are using modern technologies such as laser cutting and 3D printing to make their unique steam engine. Shapeways helped out a teeny bit by printing the bell brackets for the ships bell which could not be made otherwise.You can see the original bell to the left and the modern one above.

We like to support interesting projects that push 3D printing technology forward or use the technology in new and interesting ways. If you’ve got a great project that needs our support let me know here. Thank you so much Fulton’s Followers for using the technology of today to let people relive the technology of yesteryear!

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