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Announcing Shapeways Materials Updates

Hi everyone! We are so excited to announce the release of updates to our materials portfolio.

Available, starting today are:

Silver: Antique Finish

A unique finish that gives a rugged personality to your pieces

Full Color Sandstone: Matte Finish

A smooth and matte finish for even bolder colors

Steel: Matte Bronzed-Steel Finish

A subtly rustic finish for industrial chic pieces

Professional Plastic

(previously known as HP Nylon Plastic) is available to sell in your Shapeways shops

To make for a simpler, more user-friendly creation process, we have also updated our Materials Hub. Along with lovely new end-product photography, we have now broken our materials in to benefit driven categories which will help guide you to the right materials for your projects. The new categories are:

  • Strength & Value

  • Professional Finishes

  • Industrial Strength

  • Scale Replicas

We’ve done some renaming of our materials, more details on that can be found here in our updated Materials Naming Guide. We’ve also begun updating our Model Upload and Checkout flow to make it easier to pick your materials and finishes.

You may also notice some changes to the material offerings; as part of this refresh process, we decided to say goodbye to some of our less popular materials. Shapeways is ever-evolving, and we will continue to focus on providing the right material solutions for your projects.

We can’t wait to see what you create with this updated experience!



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