With Avengers: Infinity War right around the corner, we at Shapeways have been incredibly excited to see what exactly is in store for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whatever happens, we know that we’re going to have a great time (and probably eat too much popcorn). However, while we wait, we figured we’d share some amazing things that 3D creators are bringing to reality.

Black Panther was a huge force at the box office, and many of the unique visuals that came out of the nation of Wakanda are thanks to 3D printing. At Shapeways, we want to make the wonders of 3D printing accessible to all, from hobbyists to dyed-in-the-wool professionals. Today, we’ve found a couple great versions of the helmet of everyone’s favorite Wakandan monarch, T’Challa.

Uncle Jessy and Do3D Make Magic Together

YouTuber and avid 3D printing enthusiast Uncle Jessy has amassed quite a following, with over 68,000 followers, and this video chronicling his printing and painting of Do3D.com’s Black Panther mask has netted over a million views. Jessy used Do3D’s STL file, and then finished the job with his painting skills. We have to say, the finished product looks amazing. Its staggering amount of detail makes it an auto-include in any serious Black Panther cosplay – think of all the time you’ll save not meticulously carving and forming worbla with this! You’ll still need to paint it, of course, but you’ll have plenty of time to practice that while you wait for it to arrive.

Daniel Pecoraro’s Black Panther Mask

“Black Panther” by Daniel Pecoraro (Guidomalan) on Thingiverse

It might not be as detailed as Do3D’s mask, but this mask created by self-described student and engineer Daniel Pecoraro still looks screen-accurate and amazing. And as a wonderful cherry on top, Daniel put his file up on Thingiverse for complimentary download so everyone can enjoy.


We can’t wait to see how you celebrate the release!