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Every weekday we will share a few links on a (hopefully) relevant
topic based on the emails we let fly around the office.

The first installment: Open Innovation.

Open Innovation is the concept whereby companies open up their
R&D and product development to consumers, partners and other
firms to make use of their feedback, ideas and even IP to enhance
their R&D effort.  

Economist article about Open Innovation as practiced by some
hardware manufacturers. Very practical overview of Open Innovation
in the wild.
McKinsey Quarterly article wirth some good graphics and quotes if you’re getting
started or want to pitch this idea in a business setting.
(Registration required)
link to “The New Age of Innovation”
by C.K. Pralahad
and M.S. Krishnan. An excellent book by the author of Fortune
at the Bottom of the Pyramid
about how to create a framework for
Open Innovation in international firms by working together with
networks of customers and employees while redesigning internal
systems. Some creepy analytics anecdotes and a lot of corporate ICT
process stuff that might bore some people but a solid read for the
Blog post by Professor Joel West that compactly summarises the Open Innovation discussion and the various pro’s and con’s.

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