3D modeling in 3D

Leonar3Do is a 3D modeling tool that allows you to model while you actually see the object you’re working on in 3D in front of you. You have on 3D glasses and use a 3D marker to model. The marker is tracked and the model is projected in front of you. It should be coming out in a few months and will cost $1000. If this is even a quarter as good as it looks it will be amazing.

Thank you CADJunky.


  1. Dmitry Kobzar

    3d modelling is becoming more and more like sculpting. $1000 is ofc quite a big money, but.. shit if it really works like this I’m gonna buy it! :)

  2. Bob Hazard

    The brush even casts a shadow on the model as he is working, nice touch

  3. Vijay Paul

    Very cool, just need to get rid of the keyboard now. If you had a virtual control projected in the glasses and manipulted by motion capture, we’d nearly be there, maybe next year.

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