Calling all UK designers: want to get your product into stores?

If you’re in the UK then the BBC has a very exciting opportunity for you. In the autumn a new BBC television show will follow designers, makers & DIY enthusiasts who want to have one of their products sold in High Street shops. If you’re selected for the show you get to show off  a model of your design to the buyers of some of the UK’s largest retailers. If they like your design then, boom, they will license/buy it and put it into their stores.

They are looking for original and interesting designs and the product could be absolutely anything.

If you are in the UK I urge you to fill out this form and apply, this is a huge opportunity! 

Thank you Mojowire.

The photograph is used under Creative Commons attribution and is by d’n'c.


  1. Dmitry Kobzar

    last year the brits had another design supported by Philippe Starck… seems like they really want to encourage and develop their design industry. wonder why anyone doesn’t offer such kind of contests? (or they do, and I just don’t know?)

  2. Abedin

    loooking for order a DOVE in 1400×1400 cm can you please reply me

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