The Shapeways March Madness Brackets 2018

There may be a lot of brackets out there for the NCAA tournament, but you’d be hard pressed to find more brackets than right here in the Shapeways community. Through 3D printing, we’ve enabled creators limitless possibilities to create their own brackets. This begs the question, how do these brackets stand up in competition? Let’s scope out the contestants in the Shapeways March Madness Brackets Bracket!


Round 1: ‘Wall Support Bracket’ vs. ‘Helmet Mount GoPro Hero 5/6’

Wall Support Bracket 3d printed Wall Support Bracket 3d printed Wall Support Bracket 3d printed Wall Support Bracket 3d printed Wall Support Bracket Made by Innovationview

‘Wall Support Bracket’ made by Innovationview

Helmet Mount GoPro HERO 5/6 Made by BrainExploder Creations

‘Helmet Mount GoPro HERO 5/6’ made by BrainExploder Creations

First round, we have the ‘Wall Support Bracket’ vs. the ‘Helmet Mount GoPro for HERO 5/6.’ The GoPro mount is a seasoned veteran of the Shapeways March Madness Bracket Brackets, but don’t take the ‘Wall Support Bracket’ lightly, it’s very handy and is versatile enough to be fixed in place with a screw or even double sided tape.

Round two : ‘Gate Bracket’ vs. ‘FULLVISION6’

Gate Bracket Made by Dave's odds and Ends

‘Gate Bracket’ made by Dave’s Odds and Ends

FULLVISION6: Spherical Panorama 360 Video GoPro Mo Made by UberStyle

‘FULLVISION6: Spherical Panorama 360 Video GoPro Mo’ made by UberStyle

I hear a lot people putting their money on the ‘Spherical Panorama 360 Video GoPro,’ which makes sense, it’s a well designed product. But the ‘Gate Bracket’ has its perks, given its usefulness in critical tasks like fixing fences. Expect a fierce competition that lasts until the final buzzer!

Round 3: ‘The Bracket Small’ vs. ‘The Kitty Cam – GoPro Mount for Pets’

Bracket Small Made by 3D Magnetic Motor

‘Bracket Small’ made by 3D Magnetic Motor

Kitty Cam - Gopro Mount for Pets Made by CUBICO

‘Kitty Cam – GoPro Mount for Pets’ made by CUBICO

They seem fairly evenly matched functionality wise, but the ‘Kitty Cam Mount for Pets’ has a huge cuteness advantage. The question is, is it cute enough?

Round 4: ‘Shelf Bracket’ vs. ‘RunCam2 Top Rail Mount (Full Mount)’

Shelf Bracket Made by shrap_x Custom's and Stuff

‘Shelf Bracket’ made by shrap_x Custom’s and Stuff

RunCam2 Top Rail Mount (Full Mount) Made by BrainExploder Creations

‘RunCam2 Top Rail Mount (Full Mount)’ made by BrainExploder Creations

The Shelf Bracket is a classic given the near ubiquity of, well, shelves.  That said, the up-and-coming wildcard  is the ‘Top Rail Mount.’ What do you think? I can’t wait to see the results.

Hope this has inspired you to create your own bracket (or bracket, bracket). Let the games begin!


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