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5 Ways 3D Printing Can Revolutionize Your Business

Shapeways is an amazing platform for buying and selling 3D printed objects, but it’s also a great way to grow your business. Whether you’re just starting out and need some help prototyping or you’re ready to expand and need a partner to meet your new demands, Shapeways is up for the task.

Here are five ways you can revolutionize your business with 3D printing and Shapeways.

Turn a New Idea Into a Business Overnight

3D printing lets you quickly bring your ideas to life, and that’s exactly what Hint Lab did with its Lego-inspired jewelry. With Shapeways, you can launch a new product without spending a bunch of money upfront, while still offering custom sizes and materials.


3D printed drone

Mass Produce Your Product and Make Changes on the Fly

As your business expands, Shapeways will be there every step of the way. Our ability to adapt, scale, and implement changes to mass-produced 3D-printed parts in just a few weeks allows a company like Kespry to ship hundreds of drones every quarter.


figurines prototyped using 3D printing

Use 3D Printing to Prototype A New Product

3D printing is a valuable tool even if your latest idea isn’t ready to hit the market. You can use Shapeways to prototype new products using strong and flexible materials, along with feedback from the community and our great customer service. That’s how the creators of PlingPong came up with their hit party game, and how Gut Shot Games developed its new tabletop game H.E.A.D Hunters.


3D Print The Finished Product Too

Shapeways is perfect for prototypes, but it’s also great for 3D printing your finished product. Design firm Tellart uses our platform to do both, developing new concepts and sometimes relying on us to create the final version too.


3d printed surgical robot

Create the Impossible

3D printing makes it possible to create objects that couldn’t exist any other way thanks to low costs and a high level of precision. That’s how Preceyes Surgical Robotics developed the technology to help eye surgeons operate on a small scale that was previously impossible.

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