Inspired by Mendel Heit, Martin Bauer and Jay Cousins we’ve been doing a lot of playing around with bioplastics. Here you can see the original post with a video that shows you how they made bioplastic. Additionally this video is quite helpful.

So why have I been spending every minute of my free time cooking bioplastic? Basically the idea is: make a biodegradable plastic in your own home. This will potentially be of big benefit for desktop 3D printing, personal production and also in reducing fossil fuel consumption and one’s carbon footprint. Make a material with easily obtainable biological products that you can in turn use to make lots of things. If we’re dreaming we can also then perhaps make a material that enables you the consumer to recycle the consumer products you make in your own home at home. I tried to test and replicate a number of recipes and also show you what results you can achieve by cooking bioplastics in the home, right now.

Theoretically home made bioplastics could be of great benefit to hobbyists and
hardware hackers. Such a material might actually also make a
fundamental impact on how certain people consumer things, make things,
buy things and live their lives (Makers and Green people). It might
additionally have profound effects beyond this limited group (bleeding
edge technology people, designers). Via this group and with significant
improvements it could go much wider (ie used by people drawn to
customization such as millennials). And an ideal version of this
material could even “change everything” (ie become mainstream and
fundamentally alter the distribution and creation of consumer goods).