Personal factory, design help, and services for growing businesses

At Shapeways, we aim to empower anyone to create and sell unique 3D printed products. We’ve worked for years to make this process as smooth and accessible, here’s how Shapeways can help you:

Shapeways is Your Own Personal Factory

If you’re new to the whole 3D printing experience, it can seem kind of daunting. There are several free 3D modeling programs out there, but actually creating your own three-dimensional products is a different story. If you want to make an investment, desktop 3D printers can be an affordable option for early prototypes; however, mastering them can require a lot of trial and error. Plus, the actual materials you have access to are rather limited. Shapeways employs a huge fleet of cutting-edge industrial 3D printers with capabilities light years beyond desktop 3D printers. We print in everything from value focused plastics to industrial strength and precious metals and are continuously evolving our offering, meaning we can always find a solution for your needs.


Get Design Help from Industry Experts

Even if you have a solid idea and some 3D modeling experience, it doesn’t mean that you will be an expert at creating an optimal 3D printable file. Shapeways now offers Design with Shapeways, a service that pairs you with a professional designer based on your plan and budget. Offering everything from end-file fixing to modeling an idea from scratch, Design with Shapeways will help you kick off your project with ease.


The Spring & Wonder brand showcases the potential of Shapeways' services for creators.

The Spring & Wonder brand showcases the potential of what Shapeways’ services can do for businesses and creators.

Services for Growing Businesses

Along with the ability to design and product 3D printed projects, we have a dedicated team of account managers who can help find the right solutions for your business. We’ve built Spring & Wonder, our own customizable jewelry brand from scratch, and have expertise to help your small business with selling and growing. From sourcing the right materials to creating a customized storefront, Shapeways can help you optimize your go-to-market process.


*updated by Shapeways July 2017