3 Reasons to Print Your Next Creation on Shapeways

At Shapeways, we want to make 3D printing accessible to everyone who wants to do it. So to that end, we want to give you a quick rundown on just how we can make you an official 3D creator in mere minutes. We’ve worked for years to make this process as smooth and open to you as possible, so here’s a quick rundown on how we make things easy.

We’re Your Own Personal Factory

If you’re a person new to the whole 3D printing experience, it can seem kind of daunting. There are several free 3D modeling programs out there, but actually creating your own three-dimensional printed products is a different story. 3D printers themselves represent a pretty significant investment, the materials to keep them operational can continue to eat into your budget (assuming you have one), and actually getting them to work can require a lot of trial and error. Plus, if you do have one, the actual materials it uses are rather limited. Shapeways uses a huge fleet of cutting-edge industrial 3D printers with capabilities light years beyond desktop 3D printers. All you need is a design to print and you’re good to go.

Some of the 60 3D printing materials available with Shapeways 3D printing service, including full color 3D printed sandstone and 3D printed porcelain

Can Your 3D Printer Do This?

Pick a Material, Any Material

When it comes to home 3D printers, most of them print in some form of plastic, with noticeable stepping at each layer of the print. But with Shapeways, you have the ability to print in up to sixty different materials and finishes, including laser-sintered nylons, precious metals, sandstone, wax, steel, and many other options.

Some of the 60 3D printing materials available with Shapeways 3D printing service, including full color 3D printed sandstone and 3D printed precious metals, 3D printed aluminum, 3D printed steel, and 3D printed bronze

Materials Pictured (Clockwise): Plated Precious Metals, Aluminum, Full Color Sandstone, Stainless Steel, Bronze.

We print on some of the most powerful printers available, which means that they can handle whatever you have in mind. From there, you just need to order your project and wait for it to show up. It’s a unique feeling that people literally describe as magical, when you open up something you’ve created. It’s like making your own Christmas present, then getting it sent to you in the mail.

Your Online Storefront, Available in Minutes

Really, that’s all it takes. Just make a profile here on Shapeways, and you’re ready to go. Making a storefront is just as simple (and 100% free), and once it’s set up, you’re ready to share your creations (and profit from them) with a community of over a million creators. The future of creativity is here, and we’re so ready to share it with you.

Happy creating!

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