Your new community manager: Hi!

Hi! I’m Joris and I just started, as in right now this instant, at Shapeways as your Community Manager.

That means that it is my job to make you feel at home at Shapeways. If ever you have any suggestions, ideas or complaints email me at joris (at) shapeways.com and I’ll get right on it.

I’m still learning the ropes and getting to know the other Shapies.
There are 12 of us now. So together with: Peter, Robert, Jochem,
Marleen, Bart C., Bart van V., Roy, Ralph, Peter Paul, Edwin and
Michelle, I hope to keep improving Shapeways for you. We want this to
be the best place for designers to interact, learn and get their
designs made.

I used to work for Backbase in Amsterdam and now I’m here with Shapeways team in Eindhoven. Eindhoven is kind of like Amsterdam only without the canals and old buildings. We’re on the High Tech Campus here in a building with a bewildering array of start-ups doing
bewildering things.

It’s great to be in a place where your neighbors
are making medical tricorders, digital paper and 3D TV’s.

Over the next weeks I hope to post about our new materials, show you
some of the great designs coming out and tell you about our upcoming
trips and competitions.If you have any ideas about articles or
questions you want answered in the blog, just email.

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