A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to share what you’re working on in 2018 with the hashtag #Create2018 on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We’re super impressed by (and grateful for) all the awesome work you’ve shared so far!

Here are just a few of the cool projects that community members like you are launching in 2018:

Artist Claudio Settiis bringing a Viking back to life


Chris McConnell of M-Customs is building a dropped and chopped hot rod truck


Wayne Losey of ModiBot is planning new BriXleev building blocks


Katie Larocca turned a grazing animal into a keepsake box

A post shared by Katie Larocca (@thesteelsun) on


Julian Arnold of Jewelled Seas Untold is updating the reminder string — as a beautiful ring


Patricia Castillo from CatDragStudio is building a better Frantic Krug Robot


Roxy Rahel of Morphology is finalizing her first bracelet of 2018


Conner Austin is working on an adjustable Universal iPhone Cover


Pop Goes the Monkey designed a pair of Death Team: M2a Troop Tank Doors

3D printed Death Team: M2a Troop Tank Doors

Death Team: M2a Troop Tank Doors

Are you still waiting to start that project you’ve been dreaming of? We’re here to help. You can explore our materials to see what’s possible, start printing now if you already have a 3D file, hire a designer to turn your idea into a 3D model, get help in our forums, or learn 3D design in our Tutorials hub and Magazine. And don’t forget to share your progress with the hashtag #Create2018 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.