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Gravity Sketch’s Industry-Changing VR 3D Design Tool Comes to Mac via Steam

Immersive VR experiences ignite the popular imagination. The ability to walk (or fly) through an alien environment, whether from the past, present, or fantasy, is of course appealing. But what about what you could build in VR — with your own hands, at full scale? Gravity Sketch VR fulfills that side of the virtual reality promise, with a software solution that allows for free-form VR sculpting.

The 3D design software has been available for PCs since the summer, and it’s been enthusiastically embraced by design professionals. This new release opens the door to new communities of designers who work with Apple machines. You can download the new Mac-friendly version on Steam. We’ve loved Gravity Sketch VR and seen a huge opportunity in the VR 3D design space. Now, more of us than ever can use a tool that’s already taken hold among Automotive, VFX, and industrial designers.

Do you use Gravity Sketch VR? What’s your take on traditional CAD vs. VR CAD?

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