Don’t Worry — There’s Still Time to Wow Them!

Order deadlines might have passed, but you can still give them a passport to over 1,000,000 products by skilled independent designers. Plus more than 60 materials and finishes to help power their own 3D printed projects. We think that Shapeways Gift Cards might just be the ultimate gift.

A Gift Card can empower them to learn to 3D model, print that thing they’ve been dreaming of with a file they find online, or find a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift. Not to mention open them up to a community of other RPG / RC Car / Model Train / Paintball / Drone enthusiasts to bond with.

We’ve also expanded our Gift Card amounts on offer to give you options for people just getting started with Shapeways ($25 and $50), anyone who might be looking to get something special and shiny ($75, $100, and $300) and those who think beyond limits of size, finish, and complexity ($500).

So give them something that’s more than just store credit or a last-minute solution. Give them the power to bring their ideas to life.

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