Mani Zamani’s RetroroBo articulated robot

Mani Zamani is a Design Academy Graduate, Shapeways Community member and collectible robot designer. He previously made the Revoltech Rosekeeper robot & the Samurai Poet which were already amazing. The RetroroBo however defies belief.

The entire robot is 3D printed, including the joints. The man inside the robot is made out of White, Strong & Flexible and the rest out of Stainless Steel. It is hand painted and I am actually at a loss for words. Mani’s Shapeways Shop is here and you can see more on the forum. The video of the robot is below.


  1. Shelley Noble

    Speechless myself. I’m hoping what Mani has done will portend a time when animators can 3D print their custom armatures.

  2. Shapeways Blog

    We are starting to see a stream of really cool robot designs pass through the Shapeways space-time portal and I just wanted to take a moment to share some that I could find. It would be really interesting if we could standardize a scale so that componen

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